At Magnum Opus, we strive to offer the best customer service to all of our candidates; starting from the first point of contact, to “post-placement”.

Our highly experienced consultants will quickly match your skills and experiences to current jobs we are working on and also any that come in.We receive jobs from schools & colleges for permanent positions, long-term supply (e.g. maternity cover) and short-term supply (e.g. sickness).From there, we will manage the process of organising interviews and provide you with all the necessary details in order to give you the best opportunity of being offered the position. We can also assist you with planning your route if you’re using public transport.

Registering with Magnum Opus Recruitment

At Magnum Opus we take child safeguarding very seriously, which is why we have a strict vetting procedure. All of the details/documents listed below must be received prior to any candidate entering a school/college through Magnum Opus.

A combination of speed and efficiency

Following the sudden departure of a teacher of French and Spanish immediately prior to students’ A-level examinations, Magnum Opus rapidly identified two superb candidates who were expert in their respective fields, flexible and professional. The combination of the speed and efficiency of the service provided by magnum Opus and the excellent attributes of the candidates provided students and parents with much needed reassurance at a critical time of the academic year.

Head Teacher / Lansdowne College